Union Bay Improvement District Next Gong Show December 14, 2016


Mark your calendars for 7 p.m December 14, 2016 for the next episode of the Union Bay Gong Show.  Bill Wood room at the Union Bay Community Club Hall.

To refresh your memory, this is where we left off in the last episode with the three pro Kensington Island Properties trustees resurrecting the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement in spite of Trustee Elliott reading the entire agreement and highlighting the clauses which are of concern and the one where Union Bay doesn’t have the authority to provide 500 water hookups as it violates our water license.

The correspondence alone will be interesting.  I still haven’t received my copy of trustee Loxam’s letter indicating where in the 2011 expired/resurrected Water Infrastructure Agreement it states Kensington Island Properties would pay for any infrastructure related to Langley Lake and the dam.  I’m going to frame it if it actually materializes!

Stay tuned.  We are in for a bumpy ride!

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