3 thoughts on “Union Bay Landowners Sabotaged by Union Bay Improvement District

  1. When Elliott asked for a specific time frame regarding the motion, the three couldn’t come up with an answer. Loxam thinks it’s three years but goes on about the lawyer figuring it out.


  2. A few years ago I wrote a letter to the Board but because it was ruled the letter was received after the Agenda was made up it was referred to the Administrator for reply and not read out. As to the motion passed it did not refer to a time frame for the extension. No debate. The original 4.5 months requested or what? In any event to follow on KIP now has to submit plans and a budget for UBID’s approval.


  3. There is a saying, you can led them to water but you can’t make them drinkšŸ¤” Now Union Bay will drink whatever KIP and the KIP-ers givešŸ˜”


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