A timeline of events outlining the ridiculous and unnecessary steps taken in order to arrive at the present situation.  Two years wasted so far.

If you want to skip all the information provided and want to know the point of this post.  None of this was necessary and it was a complete waste of time and upheaval in the community.

All it took was an opinion from the lawyer for UBID, which was the third opinion regarding this agreement.  The three pro Kensington Island Properties trustees obviously did not read any of the previous two opinions.  You have been jerked around for two years for nothing.  Who was telling them the agreement was still in effect?  Who have they been getting advice from?  Certainly not UBID or the firm representing UBID.

I believe if they had a flunky administrator they would have gone lawyer shopping and pushed the flawed agreement through.  Kudos to Kevin who is the first truly professional to hold the position of Administrator of the Union Bay Improvement District.

This link is a pdf of a Comox Valley Echo article from Sept. 2009 stating water approved for 100 houses.  water_already_approved_for_kip_houses

The video below is from November 2010 where it is claimed 100 to 200 houses will be the first phase of KIP acknowledging the limit we must adhere to.


In April 2011, the board in power at the time negotiated a Water Infrastructure Agreement with 34083 Yukon Inc. aka Kensington Island Properties before losing their majority that month at the Annual General Meeting. It was heralded as a GIFT to the community in the local papers quoting the Chair of UBID.

water ia kip apr 21 2011 Voila_Capture 2016-3-11_04-40-6_pm-2

Union Bay Improvement District Water Infrastructure Agreement Behind the Scene

Union Bay Improvement District Water Infrastructure Agreement Behind the Scene

The deadline for the agreement was December 31, 2014.  The developer never provided any plans or reasons for his verbal request of an extension.  The developer never attempted to enact the force majeure clause he claims grants him an extension to the expired agreement.

The two former trustees who took credit for negotiating the flawed and expired 2011 WIA then decided to champion the developer’s bid for an extension.

godfrey crying over kip

Then they proceeded to organize a group called Concerned Citizens and obtained signatures on a petition.

KIP packet-#1


Petition presented to the board June 2015.


A meeting in Victoria is arranged for December 2015 for UBID and 34083 Yukon Inc. to negotiate a water agreement.  The VP of Kensington Island properties gives his version of the negotiation in the audio clip .  Who’s telling the truth?

Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum

Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum 1

Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum 2

Open letter to Union Bay landowners from David Godfrey.  Note:  This is the first indicator the funds for the Water Infrastructure is not a GIFT – “In essence, this would be an interest-free loan……”


In March 2016 the Concerned Citizens invite landowners to a meeting hosted by 34083 Yukon Inc. aka Kensington Island Properties.

you are invited kip 1


Audio clips display the depths this developer goes to in order to undermine the existing Board of Trustees.

KIP’s version of the December 2015 meeting.

Kip asked about costs of increasing dam.

KIP – would you negotiate a new agreement.

KIP asks landowner to name a problem with the 2011 WIA.

KIP claims they’re going ahead this year.  It’s December!



The community learns of the Facilitator Mr. Mattison being appointed by Minister Peter Fassbender after David Godfrey, Peter Jacques and VP of Yukon Inc. obtained a meeting.

Terms of Reference facilitator

Terms of Reference facilitator 1

At 12:08 Peter Jacques brings the monthly board meeting to a halt on a point of order regarding the purchase of the land for the permanent water treatment facility claiming KIP is willing to provide land. This video is from March 15, 2016, monthly board meeting. Interesting he mentions Mr. Mattison hasn’t had a chance to report back.

Two pro Kensington Island Properties candidates announced for the April Annual General Meeting 2016.

confident trustees 1

confident trustees 2


loxam and jacques concerned citizens

From the April 2016 Annual General Meeting:

At 25:45 Candidate Peter Jacques states the actions taken by the board in proceeding with a permanent facility has concerned others including Peter Fassbender who appointed Mr. Mattison as a Facilitator. Jacques goes on to say when elected it’s his intention and that of Loxam to work closely with Mr. Mattison, KIP and the board to the benefit of the landowners of Union Bay.

Loxam speaks at 28:54. At 30:00 he states how he and Peter are willing to sit down, make proper decisions, work together and overcome any differences. States he realizes there is a need for honesty.


Jacques and Loxam are elected in April 2016.

At 7:40 I ask Trustee Peter Jacques about the land he claims KIP is willing to provide free of charge for the permanent water treatment facility (when he brought the previous meeting to a halt). This video is from the May 18, 2016, Union Bay Improvement District Monthly Board Meeting.

On June 6, UBID, the VP of 34083 Yukon Inc. and the facilitator arrive at a Memorandum of Understanding.

Memorandum of Understanding page 1

Memorandum of Understanding page 2

The next day June 7, 2016, Loxam and Jacques negotiate a new agreement with the VP of 34083 Yukon Inc.

KIP interferring


At 7:08 Landowner Bruce Livesey asks questions of trustee Jacques and Loxam regarding the expired agreement. Jacques states he doesn’t feel there is an agreement in place. This meeting was June 2016, the last meeting before the three trustees resigned.

Three trustees resign in July 2016 because of the antics.

Anne Alcock Letter of Resignation

edited personal info out Alan Webb UBID Resignation-1

Carol Molstad Resignation from UBID

Trustee Loxam writes to the local papers with false information regarding the 2011 expired WIA.

goof loxam Voila_Capture 2016-8-11_12-24-45_pm

Numerous emails have been sent to Loxam requesting he provide where in the agreement it states KIP would pay for any infrastructure related to Langley Lake and the dam.  No response.

A by-election is announced and six candidates compete for the three vacant trustee positions.


This from Jednorog’s website.



An information meeting is hosted by David Godfrey Oct. 17, 2016, providing information supporting Kensington Island Properties at the start of the meeting.

Doesn’t want to be recorded and shuts down the video.

A Landowner uploaded audio of that meeting Oct. 17, 2016.  It did not go well for the pro KIP candidates as it was obvious they did not know what they were talking about and did not understand the expired 2011 WIA.

An All Candidates Meeting was held Oct. 19, 2016 and the three pro KIP candidates were provided with the rules if they planned on attending.  They showed up to disrupt the meeting and prevent those present from hearing from those who may have differing views.

One of the three pro KIP candidates managed to get elected by 2 votes giving the board of trustees three pro kip trustees.

At their very first official Board Meeting, the three pro Kip trustees added an item to the agenda and then put forth a motion to enact the force majeure clause in the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement.  In spite of numerous requests by Trustees Elliott and Kaljur to amend the motion to determine if the agreement is in fact still in effect and in spite of Trustee Elliott reading the entire agreement highlighting the flaws and the Administrator urging the trustees to take the time to understand the agreement, the three pro KIP trustees voted to enact the force majeure clause.

This is the result of that motion.


All the turmoil caused in the community over this bloody expired agreement was not necessary.  The VP of Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. has been shooting his mouth off for two years now and had idiots following him and repeating the bullshit he spews.  This developer is absolute poison to a community in my OPINION.

And the three pro KIP trustees need to recuse themselves as they are obviously blatantly biased with regards to anything KIP related.