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Pro Kensington Island Properties Union Bay Trustees Have Never Learned to Listen – in my opinion :)


I compiled the statements made by the trustees from Nov. 13, 2016, discussing the motion put forth by trustee Loxam in this 2 minute clip.

Loxam at 1:50 responds to trustee Elliott:  “I agree with you.   I said right in my motion that Mr. Peter Johnson will tell us right now……..he’ll tell us right now if it’s in effect..”

Question:  Regarding the above, where does it say in Loxam’s motion what he claims?

Another glaring example of careless use of words and the importance of accuracy in written documents.  Loxam never clues into the fact Elliott is requesting the motion be changed to reflect what Loxam is stating rather than what the legal instructions to counsel are with Loxam’s motion.

This is what the motion stated:

Motion 2016-11-13-18: To instruct our Administrator to contact our legal counsel, Mr. Peter Johnson, within the next three business days, with instructions to contact legal counsel for 34083 Yukon Inc. and Kensington Island Properties communicating the intent of this Board to enact the ‘Force Majeure’ clause granting the requested time extension to the Water Infrastructure Agreement dated April 8, 2011.


One thought on “Pro Kensington Island Properties Union Bay Trustees Have Never Learned to Listen – in my opinion :)

  1. Your opinion is right on. They have no business experience (in particular) to listen and clarify. Project this into the future where we have no long-range financial plan to guide the current decisions. Disaster. Keep up the good community service. The last edition of the Dec. 14th meeting was excellent as was the synopsis of the position we find ourselves in Regards



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