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No surprise the developer hasn’t been heard from since Sept. 2016.  He was waiting for his trustees to enable the force majeure clause effectively resurrecting the lousy, now dead, 2011 WIA.    What instructions will he give to the trustees now?  The January Gong Show should be another interesting meeting unless the dictator decides he can’t take the heat and throws another hissy fit and shits on democracy by ending the meeting.

The developer was advised to either revise the draft agreement to comply with the MDA or to consider proposing some amendment to the MDA. To date, KIP has not provided the CVRD with details of its intention towards either of those options.


The following sections referred to in the MDA: http://www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/assets/Department/Documents/KIP_MDA21Apr2010.pdf  from pages 15 and 17.

(r)  not apply for any building permit, including residential buildings, for the Development or portion thereof, or make an application for the subdivision of the Lands (other than in respect of the First Subdivision) unless and until:

         (i) the Developer has entered into an agreement with the UBID for the distribution of potable water from UBID to the Development;

(r.1) not apply for any building permit in respect of residential buildings in the Development or make an application for subdivision for the Lands (other than in respect of the First Subdivision) unless and until the boundaries of the Union Bay Improvement District have been expanded to include all of the Lands and an agreement has been entered into between the Regional District and UBID to transfer the Langley Lakes water supply assets, including that the Langley Lakes water licenses;


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See clause 7 below which is referred to in the Q & A above:

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