The zealots who blindly follow their saviour of Union Bay.  It didn’t take much to get landowners behind something they thought was free.  That’s a given in Union Bay.  Landowners who have paid ridiculously low parcel taxes for years balking at increases and having to pay for a water filtration system.  What rock have they been hiding under?  Who didn’t know we were facing a deadline complying with VIHA’s mandate?  The November 2010 video clearly shows then trustee David Godfrey referring to the 2015 deadline (later extended to Aug. 2018).

The developer allows the 2011 WIA to expire without providing any plans as specified in the WIA.  The developer also has not provided anything to UBID confirming an agreement regarding the coal hill remediation allowing him to proceed as this is what he claims prevented him from meeting the Dec. 2014 WIA deadline.

The developer then gets his flunkies to attempt to force the UBID Board to give him an extension.  Not one of his flunkies seems to have asked if the dead agreement can be extended and forged ahead, undermining the efforts of the then board, claiming the board was stonewalling the developer.  Good ole Don McRae played a part in this farce helping his good Liberal buddy McMahon with Fassbender following along believing the bullshit spouted by KIP.  Note the threat of legal action against each of the trustees if they do not comply?

Those writing letters to the editor claiming people in Union Bay aren’t stupid, what has transpired here in the last 18 months is proof they are indeed stupid beyond belief.

A handful of zealots continue to churn the shit in Union Bay on behalf of this bully developer.  Next time these flunkies reinvent themselves elevating their status to leader and claiming to represent the community with a Concerned Citizens title or some other bullshit name – it’s the same clowns who have been banging the KIP drum with no facts or proof to back up their bullshit – tell them to hit the road.  KIP is a developer not to be trusted or believed.  The only thing this POS has given Union Bay is grief.

David Godfrey has taken centre stage as the leading champion of 34083 Yukon Inc.  Perhaps he can advise with another open letter to the landowners of Union Bay where he gained the legal expertise to determine the expired agreement could be extended creating the shitstorm that followed the meeting below?


KIP packet-#1

Then Chair Carol Molstad at the KIP hosted March 2016 meeting.  A room full of people who are incapable of grasping what is being stated.