Based on the frame work of the expired agreement?  What was the frame work?  I have been asking since the agreement in April 2011, what was negotiated?  The developer must pay $8,900. CEC per residential hookup.  It was supposed to be for 100 hookups and then it was 500 after negotiations with the developer putting a total of $1.7 million (eventually changed to $1.4 million changed to $1.2 million) which would only cover the CEC’s for around 150 hookups.  This frame work?

What was negotiated?  What did Union Bay ask for in the negotiations besides the CEC’s which any developer must pay?  The temporary plant on the developer’s land which the developer would own and yet be given CEC credits for?

There were no negotiations because Union Bay didn’t have anyone negotiating on their behalf.  We had one trustee according to David Godfrey as he refused to take credit for the negotiation of the 2011 WIA, insisting it was Denis Royer.  For all these people claiming that Denis has explained the agreement and the intent of the agreement, I call bullshit.  Denis can’t explain the agreement because he doesn’t understand it himself.  Royer and Godfrey led the community to believe it was receiving a gift from KIP until after the agreement expired – then their story became “it’s an interest free loan”.  Ya, let’s believe those who unlawfully locked out the electorate while they secretly negotiated the 2011 WIA.  Slapping each other on the back for negotiating a deal for less CEC’s than hookups authorized, authorizing 500 hookups which violates our water license, and topping it all off by telling us it was a gift.

Union Bay Improvement District Water Infrastructure Agreement Behind the SceneUnion Bay Improvement District Water Infrastructure Agreement Behind the Scene


And, yes, these 3 pro KIP trustees act like they are in the developer’s pocket!

Since David Godfrey seems to be the spokesperson for KIP and has assured those reading his letter today that McMahon is prepared to show the same records Godfrey bases his support for KIP to any Union Bay landowner, which I am, I have requested these same documents.  Lets’ see if I get a response!


Items below are from the Comox Valley Echo letters to the editor and beefs and bouquets Dec. 30, 2016.