First of all, I have been in possession of this document since August 2016 and didn’t post it because it was confidential.  I am posting it now because we all need to know what we are facing in Union Bay with this developer who states one thing and turns around and pulls something sleazy.  This should not reflect on the Administrator of Union Bay as he did not provide me with this document or any other confidential material.  I have other confidential material I will be posting because I’m fed up with waiting for Fassbender or anyone else to step up and do something now that we will have a neophyte board and administrator.

It’s interesting to see David Godfrey is KIP’s representative – wow what a surprise.  Is Godfrey also an employee now?


The document below was sent to Fassbenders office – what did he do?  Well, helped his liberal buddy who was having a problem screwing over Union Bay of course.

dec-2015-confidential-memorandum-timeline-of-kip-1dec-2015-confidential-memorandum-timeline-of-kip-1NOTE: Nov. 10, 2014 UBID received letter from KIP’s lawyer advising they were invoking the force majeure clause and unilaterally taking an extension.  Confidential and privileged correspondence between legal counsels took place between Nov. 2014 and May of 2015.  Again, if you’re paying attention you will remember what the third and most recent legal opinion regarding the force majeure stated:  the force majeure clause cannot be unilaterally invoked by UBID nor has a claim of force majeure been established,…”  So since May of 2015 this developer has known the agreement was expired and dead – no force majeure established.  Why has David Godfrey and Brian McMahon been screwing around the landowners of Union Bay claiming the agreement was not dead and publishing bullshit like this screenshot I took Oct. 1/16 on Lone Jednorog’s website which McMahon refers to as Glenn Loxam’s website?  Wake up.




McMahon tells his fairy tale about the June 23, 2015 meeting.  “Given this impasse, the Developer indicated that all future meetings between him and UBID should be with respective legal counsels present.”