We have now lost our excellent Administrator Kevin Douville.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how his job has changed and the way he’s been treated by this new board compared to the pre April 2011 board.  The three pro KIP trustees don’t listen to him when he provides his expertise.  For anyone at the Dec. 14, meeting, chair Jacques treated Kevin like an underling, after abruptly ending the meeting, Jacques called Kevin and motioned Kevin to jump to his command.  As Kevin walked by I acknowledged to Kevin I had witnessed the action and stated “This is how they treat you?”

Kevin was threatened at the AGM in April.  Loxam and Jacques went behind the Administrator and Board the very next day after the Memorandum of Understanding was reached to negotiate a deal with KIP.  Kevin was completely ignored when the pro KIP trustees attempted to push through the expired 2011 WIA at the Nov. 13 meeting, attempting to advise them of the issues outstanding.

Credit should be given to KIP and his three trustees who have misled landowners with all the bullshit trying to shove that lousy 2011 WIA down our throats.  Remember KIP’s claims at the KIP March meeting that UBID wouldn’t negotiate, wouldn’t respond to calls and emails all the while claiming he still had an agreement?  Then there is the big whopper of the meeting in Dec. 2015.  KIP has consistently undermined the Improvement District when he wasn’t controlling the board with his buddies.

Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandumDec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum 1Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum 2