Excuses, excuses, excuses.



Just noticed a typo – should be Kip attempted to enact the Force Majeure Clause from November 2014 to May 2015 not May 2016.


Here’s the text if the above is too small:

Well, another week is passing by and my initial email to you was Dec. 30, 2016. I don’t believe you have any intention of providing the documents which convinced Godfrey UBID prevented KIP from proceeding with the terms outlined in the 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement because they simply don’t exist. It’s the same reason why you don’t respond to questions from the local media

You have told too many versions and promises to be believed. In 2011 I have you on video stating to the UBID Board the components were sitting in Langley waiting to be barged over and installed. At the 2016 April UBID AGM you stated the funds for the temporary plant were in trust with your lawyers. I notice you don’t keep track of what you state and often contradict yourself which leads me to conclude your story changes to suit the situation and cannot be trusted.

At your own March 2016 meeting you constantly contradicted yourself claiming it was UBID who wouldn’t negotiate and yet insisted you already had an agreement. How were you willing to negotiate while insisting you had an agreement?

According to documents sent to Fassbender you attempted to enact the Force Majeure Clause from November 2014 till May 2016 at which time you obviously gave up and turned to David Godfrey who took up your cause. Mr. Godfrey, of the Concerned Citizens spread the false information that UBID had been stonewalling KIP and believed an extension could be granted on an agreement that had expired 5 months previously and which you knew there was no case made for the Force Majeure.

The three pro KIP trustees, Rick Bitten, Glenn Loxam and Peter Jacques as trustees had access to all the information regarding KIP including the legal opinions, so they were well aware there was no merit regarding the Force Majeure Clause and yet voted to enact that very clause Nov. 13, 2016. These three are your guys, they parrot what you have claimed and ignore the information or advice from the present Administrator.

You came into this community making promises of water treatment facility, sewage facility, etc., at no cost to the landowners. Your buddy Godfrey touted the 2011 WIA as a GIFT to the community and only admitted after the agreement expired that it was an interest free loan. It’s a pretty sleazy tactic to state you’re going to pay for something when in fact the funds you offer are the fees any developer must pay to UBID. You seem to be under the impression you get to decide how the funds collected from CEC’s are to be spent to give the appearance that you are GIVING Union Bay something. These are fees to be paid by anyone or any developer to UBID. Do you claim your property taxes are a gift and insist on how the funds will be spent?

You have proven David Godfrey’s word cannot be trusted regarding KIP and he should stop creating problems in Union Bay as he did with the ridiculous petition and misinformation spread over the last 20 months causing nothing but problems in Union Bay. Looks like your Liberal Gov’t connections paid off since Don McRae, Peter Fassbender and Jim Mattison stepped in to help KIP. You and David Godfrey along with the three pro KIP trustees are shining examples of how to manipulate and tear a community apart.

Glenn Loxam believes he understands the intention of you and Denis Royer negotiating the 2011 WIA. If it was your intention – why wasn’t it put in writing? Since when is business done on what someone believes the intention of the parties at the time but failed to put it in writing? What did Denis Royer ask for on behalf of the community that he didn’t get? What did you ask for that you didn’t get? Why did Denis Royer give KIP 500 water connections when it was supposed to be 100? Why did Denis Royer negotiate KIP pay CEC’s on roughly 150 water connections $1.2 Million instead of $4.4 Million for 500 connections? Exactly what did Denis Royer negotiate on behalf of Union Bay other than CEC’s which aren’t negotiable? Why did Denis Royer negotiate 500 water hookups that violates our water license. You were well aware of the number of connections allowed under our water license and you mentioned Narmata at your March 2016 meeting. Naramata was sued by a developer because they could not provide the water promised. How is that different in Union Bay if the number of connections promised cannot be met? You were well aware of the legal implications and tried to force through an agreement that put landowners at financial risk.

You have intentionally misled the community since darkening our doorstep. From day one you have avoided questions or concerns by refusing to allow the media into your community meetings in 2005, having the Fake Resident’s Association with you as a member secretly deciding what the water source would be if the Oct. 2006 referendum was successful. All the big promises touted have been reduced to an interest free loan, a piece of land for a firehall that will be unusable until the lot has services which could be years away.

You are simply unable to provide documents backing up what Godfrey and his ilk claim and I’m not surprised. Your three trustees look like idiots as they lack comprehension – it would be hilarious as a sitcom but not very funny when those making decisions on behalf of landowners are clueless. Landowners are certainly interested in attending the meetings now just to witness the goofs in action and many disappointed at the cancellation of the January meeting.

So – give a date, time and place if you have the backbone and documents.

Mary Reynolds
any Union Bay landowner.

ps. Has KIP run out of money and unable to keep theunionbaycommunity.com website readable? Will Jim Youngren write a new letter giving another deadline for the Coal Hill?