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Union Bay – The Cesspool of the Comox Valley

It appears my concerns/opinions are to be dealt with by the slime that passes as human beings.  Last night the brave covered with balaclava rammed through my fence and then into my house with a half ton truck, jumped out and threw some pretty big rocks to smash my front window.

That’s what you get when there is inbreeding.  If I were a man these pieces of shit wouldn’t open their mouths.  How brave are you when you are attacking a female senior citizen?  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in Union Bay.

This is Union Bay.  This is how these pukes have been raised.  These types of tactics are the only way they can retaliate because they don’t have the brains to respond in any other fashion.   This is what generations of Union Bay practice and pass along to their spawn.  There is an unwritten rule that you don’t disagree, question or have an original thought.

The rules don’t apply to them.  They can party so loud the bass vibrates in your home but you are not to complain.  That’s what Bill Hamilton put up with for years until I purchased his home in 2013.  Bill would have suffered through with an ailing wife while these people partied or had a radio blaring whenever they were home.  It’s all about what they want and to hell with anyone else.

They can let their dogs run around and shit so they don’t have to pick up after their dog.  Sit on their porch and watch the dog shit across the street or next door and never bat an eye or pick it up.  Who do they think picks up this shit.  When they’re contacted by animal control – they are so pissed off.  They believe the rules don’t apply to them so they retaliate.

The KIP supporters can never respond with facts to dispute what I state and are left lobbing personal attacks.  Three pro KIP trustees who have made a laughing stock of the community because of their incompetence, wilful ignorance and bias towards KIP which is forever chronicled on youtube.  Then you have the VP of KIP, McMahon who is just a windbag and not worth listening to because the guy changes his tune depending on the audience he’s playing to.  When it comes to Union Bay I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of his yap.

KIP found the perfect community – stupid, backwards, ignorant and willing to believe a salesman who tells them they will get something for nothing.

I’m not shutting up.




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