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Confirmation Bitten, Jednorog and Haraldson Planned the Disruption Oct. 19, 2016

All Candidates Meeting APRIL 6,  7 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.

Security has been hired to prevent a disruption by Bitten and Haraldson like the one they pulled Oct. 19, 2016

Are you really going to vote for people who believe this is okay?  The three of them should be charged with mischief for this stupid stunt they pulled and all the police hours wasted on this planned disrespectful act.  If Jednorog objects to the god someone worships does she storm in so everyone can hear her thoughts?  Who would go to a meeting for the sole purpose of taking over the meeting in order to tell everyone her beliefs?   This is just bizarre.  Remember…A Vote For Rick Bitten or Ted Haraldson is a vote for this type of mentality.  They don’t think they did anything wrong.

It appears Jednorog has admitted she, Bitten and Haraldson had no intention of participating in the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 19, 2016.  Jednorog believes the meeting was an “ambush” so along with fellow landowners and candidates Rick Bitten and Ted Haraldson decided they would not participate.

Jednorog claims she was the one of the three who would address those gathered for the All Candidates Meeting to advise of this so called ambush and the reasons Jednorog, Bitten and Haraldson were refusing to take their seats at the panel table.

Isn’t this exactly what I said it was at the time?  Protestors disrupting a public meeting because they didn’t want the electorate to hear a differing view.

This doesn’t absolve Jednorog, Bitten or Haraldson.  It proves it was a planned disruption and the very instigators (Bitten) had the nerve to act as thought Jednorog was an innocent bystander and apologize on behalf of UBID.  Disgusting.

These three planned and carried out a disruption at a public meeting which could have ended in injuries and then called the police claiming assault.  Did they tell the cops how they stood inside the hall, out of the rain so they could hand out pamphlets and greet people, taking advantage of the fact someone they didn’t approve of had paid the hall rental for that time period?  Did they tell the cops they were there to advise those attending that they didn’t approve of those who were hosting the meeting?  Is this acceptable?  No one forced these three to attend.  These three were invited and provided with the rules of the meeting.  So in her own words Jednorog describes what she believes transpired……….can you hear what she claims on the video of her disruption.

This is what is wrong with this community.  There are people who believe it is their duty to shut down any views they disagree with.  They do no believe in free speech.  They believe it is fine to intimidate landowners verbally or physically if other tactics don’t provide the desired results.  This is one sick place.

Normally I wouldn’t post the crap this tool posts about me but this one details the incident, so feast your eyes on this from the mental midget.

Go to the 3:30 point in the clip below to hear Jednorog start taking over the meeting because she doesn’t approve of the landowner who hosted the event.



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