All Candidates Meeting Tonight at 7 pm.  Union Bay Community Hall.

Security has been hired to prevent Bitten and Haraldson from repeating another planned disruption like the one Oct. 19, 2016.  Everyone welcome!

Now that we have confirmation by Lone Jednorog that she, Bitten and Haraldson believed the meeting on Oct. 19, 2016 was an ambush and that’s what started the process of these three planning and executing the disruption because of their paranoia.

Bitten should resign now that the truth is out.  This is not the type of individual we want to represent the community.  An individual who believes he has every right to attend an event only to inform those gathered that Bitten, Haraldson and Jednorog don’t approve of those hosting the event and insist it’s their right to highjack the event with their message.

By her own words, this was planned by the three of them.  Bitten is just as guilty as Jednorog and Haraldson.  Then a gutless action as Bitten apologizes to Jednorog as a way to weasel out of his involvement.  This guy doesn’t possess any qualities that would benefit UBID.  This is what you get after five generations in Hillbilly Union Bay.  Call for his resignation.

RCMP Const. James Lauriault is the officer investigating this alleged assault.  Anyone with information is encouraged to contact James.  I have forwarded him Jednorog’s admission that she planned the disruption along with fellow co conspirators Bitten and Haraldson.  I provided the video to Const. Lauriault months ago along with my statement.

Go to the 3:30 point in the clip below to listen to the entire altercation and tell me if you hear anywhere the nutsy claims by Jednorog of Bruce Livesey screeching “This is not your meeting, shut up.” and the claim Bitten stated “Let her go…she’s a woman..”  It’s completely false.  You can see Jednorog in the black coat just before she starts to address the crowd.  My video camera is picking up all the voices.  The only things I hear Bitten say is “Told ya.  See ya.  Great meeting guys.  Shows what you really are.  You guys are mental.”  Continue watching and you will see Bitten bring up the incident and apologize – quite the fake, isn’t he?  Bitten wants you to TRUST him.  Give me a break.  After this, I wouldn’t believe anything this guy says.  He must be under the impression the election is for untrustworthy candidates.

You can hear Jednorog’s husband, who is an ex cop and should know better than to take part in this planned disruption, state “If you ever touch my wife again it will be the last thing you ever do”.  Well tough guy, maybe you shouldn’t put your wife in a situation as bait.

Excerpts from the mind of a disturbed individual.

Rick Bitten, Ted Haraldson and Lone Jednorog collectively determined the meeting was formulated as a “Special Interest Group”

and this:

As such, the three of us entered the hall to announce our departure unwilling to subject ourselves to an “ambush environment” by this most disgusting group.