Security guards were hired for the April 6, 2017 All Candidates Meeting to prevent the Union Bay Morality Police from disrupting an event for a second time.  In spite of accepting the invitation which included the rules with the #1 Rule being:  the meeting will be video and audio recorded, Candidate Rick Bitten attempted to have the camera turned off because he did not want to be recorded.  Wrong again Rick – if you can’t accept the rules – don’t attend.  Just like you should have stayed home Oct. 19, 2016 if your group paranoia was raging about a supposed ambush.

More proof of this group paranoia displayed in the last few weeks:


Is this too deep for the Union Bay Morality Police?


Is this part of the Union Bay Morality Police uniform?

Who is the Chief of the Union Bay Morality Police?  Who has the last word on the type of punishment and who will dole it out to those deemed a “most disgusting group” ?  Have I mistakenly labeled them the Union Bay Morality Police or is it the Union Bay Community Club Hall Morality Police?

Will Union Bay voters cast their ballot for Union Bay Morality Police members again?

The Union Bay Morality Police determine who is to be shunned and those who associate with the shunned will be publicly named and put on notice of being included in the “most disgusting group” label.  The Union Bay Morality Police spokesperson Lone Jednorog proudly publishes the beliefs of the Morality Police on her website and list those who have not met the Force’s standards.

It’s getting very dangerous to live in Union Bay with the Morality Police enforcing their standards after they have determined whether you are a “most disgusting group”, especially if you have rented the Union Bay Community Club Hall for your event.  The President of the Union Bay Community Club washed his hands of the Oct. 2016 which he attended by stating he was present as a landowner not as the President of the Union Bay Community Club.  That’s how Union Bay is run – deny, deny, deny.

Six candidates were vying for three trustee positions on the Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees in Oct. 2016. There had been an All Candidates Meeting hosted by landowner and KIP spokesperson David Godfrey on Oct. 17, 2016 at the Union Bay Community Club Hall which was well attended and ran smoothly.

Invitations were sent to trustee candidates Rick Bitten, Lone Jednorog and Ted Haraldson for the All Candidates Meeting on Oct. 19, 2016, hosted by the Protect Our Water Group, also at the Union Bay Community Club Hall.

There was an incident at that meeting when the three individuals named above refused to take their seats and tried to commandeer the meeting. Candidate Lone Jednorog claims she was supposedly assaulted although no charges have been laid to date. Rick Bitten was successful in his bid for trustee and made a point of apologizing to Lone Jednorog on behalf of the Improvement District at the Committee of the Whole Meeting in late Oct. 2016 where he took his oath. Rick Bitten’s apology is in the minutes posted on the UBID website.

Union Bay Morality Police member Lone Jednorog is apparently proud of her actions, confident in her authority, published the following comments “to clarify the events” on her website.  Has she ever read her own Mission Statement?

“Rick Bitten, Ted Haraldson and Lone Jednorog, collectively determined the meeting was formulated as a ‘Special Interest Group’.”


“As such, the three of us entered the hall to announce our departure unwilling to subject ourselves to an ‘ambush environment’ by this most disgusting group.”

What is so disturbing is self appointed individuals who feel justified in passing judgement on whether or not those renting the Union Bay Community Club Hall will be allowed to proceed with an event or will receive a visit from the Morality Police. If their standards are not met, they feel it is their right to address those gathered to inform them that they will not be attending and those hosting the event are a “most disgusting group”.

How many members are there in the Union Bay Morality Police?  Since my home in Union Bay was attacked and damaged Jan. 27, 2017, by cowardly hillbillies, I have to ask: Did the Morality Police decide they weren’t going to tolerate someone voicing a differing opinion?