It’s like listening to Donald Trump.

At the All Candidates Meeting April 6, 2017 , trustee Rick Bitten stated:

Bitten just offered up the information out of nowhere – completely false and claims it came from the ministry.  The ministry of untruth?

This excerpt is from the Improvement District Manual I’m sure three of the five current trustees have never read Section B, page 42, or even browsed through it.   I highlighted the red below:


service requests – general

Section 752 of the Local Government Act states there is no obligation for an improvement district to convey, supply, or furnish any service to any person, land, or premises. It also states that a person to whom any improvement district refuses to convey, supply, or furnish any service may appeal the decision to

the Inspector of Municipalities who may then make any order in the matter considered just and reasonable.

The decision to accept an application for a service is usually based on the capacity that is available and economically feasible. When the board is reviewing an application for a service by a landowner, be it inside or outside existing boundaries, they usually allocate the cost to the applicant, not the existing users.