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Stay Tuned for Episode Six (Finale) of the First Season of the Union Bay Improvement Gong Show

Don’t forget tonight is the Annual General Meeting of the Union Bay Improvement District at 7 pm at the Union Bay Community Club Hall.

This is the one meeting that is for the landowners with the five trustees advising the community on what they have accomplished since taking their oath.

Well, we know there won’t be any committee reports because there was only talk at all the meetings – no action.

Some topics to keep in mind:

  • Conflict of Interest with trustees Loxam and Jacques negotiating with Kensington Island Properties June 7, 2016 without the authorization of the Union Bay Board of Trustees
  • Obvious bias by trustee Rick Bitten who has provided non stop proof of his bias while campaigning for trustee and his ridiculous support of the motion to resurrect the expired 2011 WIA
  • All three of the above need to explain their actions when they fought so hard to resurrect that agreement even after the Administrator made a plea not to – the only one of the six who actually knew what was going on.  They fought to put landowners in financial jeopardy opening the door for a lawsuit similar to the one faced by Naramata landowners ($5 Million mistake) even though the flaws were brought to their attention by trustees Elliott and Kaljur.  How could anyone believe this was acting in the best interest of Union Bay?
  • All three need to recuse themselves from any dealings between KIP and UBID due to the Conflict of Interest or the Perceived Conflict of Interest – it’s not enough to say “I wasn’t in a conflict”.
  • Why did they sell the community on resurrecting an agreement that could not be extended and where were they getting their information?
  • Why does a developer need a Facilitator to obtain water from UBID.  Does every developer require this handholding?
  • What did Rick Bitten mean when he said “it was a chess move” regarding what transpired after he, Jacques and Loxam voted to enact the expired agreement?
  • What did Rick Bitten mean when he said  “If you want to talk about wasted money, talk about the money that was wasted on the MOU. $60,000 for the negotiator and a lawyer. And they didn’t even get the wording right. So you know, that’s not a situation that I want to get into. Ted and I have no idea of doing that sort of thing. So there’s the answer for the last time.”
  • Why did Rick Bitten apologize to his fellow protestor Lone Jednorog on behalf of UBID when he was in on the protest along with Ted Haraldson?
  • Why does Rick Bitten believe he has the right to judge whether an event at the Union Bay Community Club Hall is allowed to proceed if he disapproves of those hosting the event and then brings the Improvement District into the matter?
  • and on and on and on……………….I have a thousand questions……….

Video will be posted to youtube after the meeting.  🙂

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