Peter Jacques, Glenn Loxam and David Godfrey Never Bothered to Get Legal Advice Before Getting Signatures?

Vote for someone who will research and understand the issues April 22, 2017, Union Bay Community Club Hall from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Watch these clips and realize no one ever bothered to get legal advice – never.    Look what they have done to the community – if it wasn’t Union Bay I would have a hard time believing this could actually happen.  People appointing themselves as leaders of the community, getting signatures on a petition, undermining the existing board, all for something that could not be done.  All the upheaval simply because it was something they wanted to happen.

This is the answer provided when asked why Jacques and Loxam believed the expired 2011 Infrastructure Agreement was in ‘limbo’ in April 2016 as claimed in the Chair’s Report of April 20, 2017 and what legal advice they relied on that the expired 2011 agreement could be resurrected.

Did David Godfrey get any legal advice when he threatened legal action against each of the existing trustees at the June 2016 UBID monthly meeting if the Board refused to comply with the petition to give KIP an extension on a dead agreement?

Clip from the April 2016 AGM with Jacques claiming the existing board was taking the community in a direction they did not want to go.  Well, where are we now?  A whole year wasted and these guys bear no blame, want you to believe there’s a problem with another trustee who catches them on their sloppy and careless attitude.

The following clip is from June 17, 2016 UBID monthly board meeting when Jacques responds to a question and confirms:  “No, I don’t feel there is an agreement in place.”  No mention of ‘limbo’ then.  NOTE:  by the time this meeting took place Jacques and Loxam had negotiated an agreement June 7, 2016, without the consent of the Board of Trustees, the day after the MOU was reached by KIP, the Facilitator and UBID.


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