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The land Jacques and Loxam want Union Bay to build a permanent water treatment facility on will not be owned by UBID as it will not be subdivided.  The developer hasn’t made any applications for subdivision and the Regional District has given the developer until April 30, 2017, to provide a new Memorandum of Understanding with UBID as no progress has been made in 20 years.  The developer must have water and sewer plans in place before he can subdivide and going by the past I think it’s safe to say it could take a very long time.

Why do we want to get into another situation with property which would not have clear title?  Why are we dancing around with a developer who refuses to act as a developer should.  Why does this developer require handholding by the provincial government?

This audio clip is from the KIP March 2016 meeting where Jacques brings up the piece of land offered by KIP.

This video clip is Jacques bringing the March 2016 UBID board meeting to a halt because of the piece of land offered by KIP.

This screenshot is from July 18, 2016 with trustee Peter Jacques stating the following:

The pressure problem at the site chosen by KIP can be compensated through use of storage tank(s) and pumps.

So we have a piece of land that has so much pressure that we would require pressure reducing valves costing under $100,000. for 2.  But trustees Jacques and Loxam who apparently have opinions and don’t need to get legal advice or acquire more information want you to support their effort to build a permanent water treatment facility on land owned by the developer which does not have adequate water pressure and would require a lifetime of depending on pumps for pressure?

This screenshot is from Oct. 1, 2016 on the website owned by Lone Jednorog.  Jednorog has removed most of the false information including the post below from her website.

What legal counsel?  None of them bothered to find out – just charged ahead.

Any legal council would acknowledge that this clause is still in effect, and an extension can be granted to the developer to fulfill his obligation as outlined in the agreement; thereby providing Union Bay with an immediate water treatment facility.