New Administrator for Union Bay Improvement District

Gordon Mason has been appointed to the position of Administrator at Union Bay Improvement District.

I believe this is his webpage:

2 thoughts on “New Administrator for Union Bay Improvement District

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  1. The number of people who signed the petition to dissolve UBID and covert to CVRD was 425.
    Unfortunately, as each month goes by I grow increasingly concerned about the competence of the Board majority. The Board training has done little to improve matters.
    The latest decision was to “suspend the procedures Bylaw” this turned out to be illegal just as Trustee Elliott and myself predicted. The attempt to suppress free expression and speech is inappropriate for any local government to undertake. The lack of understanding of the fundamental principles of democracy demonstrated by the current majority is alarming.
    There is indeed, in my opinion, a conflict of interest with the current Board majority. If one examines the financial benefits which the developer would have gained had the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement been “enacted” as the Nov. 2016 Board Majority (Loxam, Bitten and Jacques) attempted. Union Bay would have been short $4,450,000 dollars in ‘lost’ revenue due to capital expenditure credits promised to KIP. That is close to $5 million dollars for 500 homes. This is a clear example of conflict of interest. The beneficiary of that decision is KIP not the landowners of Union Bay. Over and over again I see that decisions are made that benefit the developer not the landowner. Even when there is evidence to the contrary from engineers or legal advice or expert reports the current majority blindly believes and acts according the what the developer says. The current Board majority has two masters; the developer and Union Bay. They should only have one; the landowners of Union Bay.
    This is a dangerous situation which the landowners will ultimately pay for. I am deeply concerned about the direction the current Board majority is taking Union Bay.
    Susanna Kaljur (Trustee UBID)


  2. Cool a red seal plumber pipe fitter and understands the difference between a PRV and booster pumps…Kipers beware knowledge is an asset, bullshit a liability…


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