Updated Info From the Regional District On Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc.

Breaking news! Oh, wait a minute – nope – no news!  

NOTE: I am in the process of finding out what this statement is referring to: “The MDA includes a requirement was for KIP to enter into a water agreement with Union Bay Improvement District (UBID), that required approval by the CVRD, which it did in 2008. That water agreement expired in 2011 and the parties are seeking to negotiate a new agreement.”  I have exchanged a number of emails with Ann MacDonald and hope to have clarification soon.

Received the following response from Ann MacDonald regarding the error in the first page below:

Yes, Mary, a definite error and I am not sure how long that has been in the FAQs, At any rate, the first agreement was in 2011 as it was done with the signing of the MDA also in 2011 and expired in 2014. Thanks again for the good catch. We have already sent a revised version to our IT folks to update the webpage.
Thanks, Ann

Ann MacDonald
General manager of planning and development services
Comox Valley Regional District

Here’s the corrected page one and the new link:



This is the first version of the document and the first page contains errors:


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