Yes, Let’s Build Our Permanent Water Treatment Facility on Kensington Island Properties Land – No Problem There!

Drip, drip, drip.

Listen to this clip of the temporary administrator talking about the possibility of building our permanent water treatment system on KIP’s land with the surety of obtaining a deed once the land is subdivided.

First of all the whole idea is ridiculous.  Didn’t we already suffer because of the purchase of the school property without clear title?  The legal fees alone were $122,000.00 never mind the tens of thousands spent on renovations for 1 full time person and 2 part time.  Yes, let’s put all our faith in Kensington Island Properties.

Second, there has never been a piece of property identified as suitable that would solve the pressure problem.  These are the same guys who want you to agree to using pumps to solve the problem rather than obtaining it by increasing the elevation of the location.

Third, why would anyone believe this developer who has never produced anything in the last 20 plus years?  A developer who believes timelines aren’t important when dealing with government?

Why are we back to inexperienced people negotiating on our behalf?  Didn’t this happen in 2011 when a trustee negotiated 500 connections when it was supposed to be 100?

What happened to the negotiators hired by the Board who put us back on track?  We have ignorant people in a conflict of interest assuming they have been bestowed with wisdom simply because they were elected and confident in their ability to negotiate on behalf of the landowners with a temporary Administrator taking the lead with zero experience regarding what has transpired over the last decade.  Stupid.

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