UBID Chair Still Can’t Follow The Rules Seconds After Announcing Them

UBID is a train wreck.  There is absolutely no indication these trustees retained any of the information from their orientation.  Just as dysfunctional as ever.  You can’t change what you are.

The Chair advises of the rules right before Q&A and after I ask my question, some dolt tells me to go home.

What makes it worse is that the Chair allows the dolt to give legal advice about copyright law.  This guy isn’t a lawyer.  The Chair even tells the dolt he has the floor.  WTF?  That answers the question as to where they get their information to base their decisions.  Useless.

These guys are just stumbling, bumbling around and have no idea how to run a meeting or understand their duties as trustees.  A complete lack of interest in obtaining correct information.  They refuse to allow any new information to penetrate their skulls.

Here’s what happened the last time we had board members who believed they could make up new rules and regulations.  The Ombudspersons Office advised the locking out of the electorate from January 2011 through April 2011 was not legal.  The offending trustees were no longer on the board so they didn’t get their wrists slapped.  Note where it states one of the topics:  restrict public recording of the meeting



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