There is so much wrong in this clip.  Listen to how ridiculous some landowners are at the 4:50 point when trustee Loxam doesn’t want to use the microphone but there are calls stating people couldn’t hear.  Only in Union Bay can you hear people claiming they can hear just fine and even stating that the trustee doesn’t need to use the microphone.   That causes those who have already stated they couldn’t hear to voice it over again.   That’s how sick this place is.   Anywhere else with a room full of senior citizens they would be booed for being so inconsiderate.  Who cares if you can hear?  You’re just about on the table in front of the trustees and oh lucky you, no hearing problems yet.  Stupid.

This problem adding the transcript of what transpired that caused the abrupt end to the Union Bay Improvement District December 2016 Monthly Meeting could have been dealt with by now.  Instead it is in the hands of the Ombudsperson’s Office.  Like Trump, there is a complete disconnect thinking laws can be changed/suspended simply because it makes them uncomfortable – doesn’t have to be legal – they just vote on it and presto.  Doesn’t matter – it’s what they want.

They should be embarrassed by this exchange.  Add this gem to the mounting pile of evidence displaying their complete lack of understanding and habit of winging it with a nonsense answer.

These are the same people who voiced concerns at the May 2016 UBID board meeting when the bylaw was adopted to include video recording.  Asking how much it was costing to accommodate Mary?  What if ten people showed up with cameras?  Well, it’s going to cost a lot more than the couple of hundred bucks spent on the lawyer for the bylaw now if they contract with someone/company to provide video recordings.  It is a step in the right direction and worth the cost.

The same people then showed up in June 2016 and recorded the meeting but didn’t post the video but posted a completely false written account of the meeting they recorded!  First they posted it as May 2016 and it just gets worse as you read.  Why did they record it if they didn’t intend to be accurate?