Three Trustees of the Union Bay Improvement District Board Rule by Emotion – Not Information

A train wreck.  Everything they touch – they screw up – then hide – act like nothing happened.

The Chair’s speech at the Annual General Meeting is a perfect example.  No mention of the June 7, 2016 letter from KIP when Loxam and Jacques negotiated a preliminary deal with KIP without the knowledge or approval of the entire Board of Trustees.  No mention of the vote in November 2016 to enable the force majeure clause in that lousy EXPIRED 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement.  Poof – didn’t happen.

They know people have short memories and video causes a problem with their ‘alternative facts’.


UBID has received signatures opposing the unlawful attempt at temporarily suspending one of their own bylaws.  It’s another example of the lack of interest by these trustees.  They rule by emotion – not facts.

A beef which appeared in the Record today:



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