When you view these video segments – take note of which trustees speak without the authority of the chair throughout the meeting.  Trustees Elliott and Kaljur get the nod from the chair before they speak.  Trustee Bitten is the worst offender constantly throwing in his 2 cents.

Part One of Four:

The new bylaw changing the video and audio recording doesn’t seem to have changed much.  Doesn’t state that the public can’t video.

And low and behold – guess where they are going to post their videos?  Youtube! Just like I do.  They had to have their webmaster explain that to them.  The video won’t be on UBID’s website – it will be embedded or a link provided.  If it’s on Youtube – it’s fair game!  Check out the terms regarding copyright and fair use.

The Admin states the video will be available a day or two after the meeting.  Since the meetings are Thurs. nights I doubt the video will be available before Tues. the following week.  These guys still haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.

Also, if there is a concern over privacy, why does the Administrator state anyone asking a question must state their name and address AND be a landowner?  It’s a public meeting – anyone can ask a question and they don’t have to be a landowner.

Part Two of Four:

Part Three of Four:

Hmm.  Vote on something that hasn’t been agreed to by KIP.  We have gone from a board who hired a water expert Hew McConnell and a negotiator S. Kelliher to deal with KIP to a green Admin negotiating on our behalf.  Wonderful.

Why is Bitten interrupting when the Admin is answering a question?  Why does the Chair lose control again?

Leased land.  That means KIP is the landlord and calls the shots.  Nothing will be able to be done without his permission.  Jacques states they have to negotiate a lease agreement.  Every time KIP is involved – it’s something screwy.  Jacques states KIP can’t sell a lot without a water service agreement.  Does Jacques know there has to be a sewage treatment system before KIP can build.  Anyone want to bet this is a big nothing burger?

Part Four of Four:

What the hell is Bitten talking about?  Union Bay can’t refuse water?  Says he learned this and this is the second time he stated this misinformation.  Why is he even talking?  All he added was misinformation – Elliott explained the situation far better than this guy – likes to hear his own voice.

During question period he has to be told by a landowner that her question was directed to the Admin when he butted in “wanting to clarify”.  Acts like knowledge is bestowed upon election.  Funny.


This excerpt is from the Improvement District Manual I’m sure three of the five current trustees have never read Section B, page 42, or even browsed through it.   I highlighted the red below:


service requests – general

Section 752 of the Local Government Act states there is no obligation for an improvement district to convey, supply, or furnish any service to any person, land, or premises. It also states that a person to whom any improvement district refuses to convey, supply, or furnish any service may appeal the decision to

the Inspector of Municipalities who may then make any order in the matter considered just and reasonable.

The decision to accept an application for a service is usually based on the capacity that is available and economically feasible. When the board is reviewing an application for a service by a landowner, be it inside or outside existing boundaries, they usually allocate the cost to the applicant, not the existing users.

An informed landowner advises Bitten that Canada is one of two nations where you don’t have a right to clean water.  It just bounced off of Bitten – he’ll just continue to repeat the misinformation.

Why is question period now comment period?  Why is a spouse of a trustee taking shots at another trustee?

Thankfully we have trustee Elliott who has knowledge and experience and understands the situation.  If McMahon stays true to his actions – nothing will happen and the new facility will be built on the land already owned by UBID.  Jacques talks about getting an extension from Island Health.

Think you’ll get the videos as fast as this?

A prediction:  The Admin will be asking for a new computer to handle the videos; will want video converting software and also video editing software and will then want to be trained.