Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. Offers 4 Acres Knowing It’s Too Small

Email from then Trustee Alan Webb to Brian McMahon VP Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc.  July 17, 2012, asking if 8 to 10 acres is required as suggested by McMahon.

McMahon’s own words July 31, 2012:

This could possibly be accommodated in the UBID recommended 5 ac site however it will be very tight at best and would probably be too small.

So why does the current UBID board believe the 4 acres being offered by KIP is sufficient?  Like I said, it’s another screwy deal which will bite us in the ass when we have a permanent treatment facility on land too small.  Then we are stuck trying to purchase or lease more land from KIP.

We have people making life changing decisions without the knowledge required.  They have not done their homework and researched what has been done by previous boards.

This gem from the developer which is important to know now!

…do you want to chance the site not being large enough for the future…

What about pressure?  The pdf is from KIP’s own consultants – Focus.  See page 20 in the pdf below which states:

The UBID currently has a single pressure zone which is set by the McLeod Road reservoir hydraulic grade line (HGL) of 75 m. This HGL results in high pressure (greater than 100 psi) for the homes at lower elevations along the water and low pressures (less than 40 psi) for the homes near or above the elevation of the McLeod Road reservoir. A significant portion of the proposed Kensington Coastal Point development is close to or above the elevation of the McLeod Road reservoir. Thus the portions of the proposed development above elevation 43 m can not be serviced by the UBID’s existing pressure zone.

Read page 21 pressure for fire fighting.

From page 34 – Location should have a minimum HGL of 130 m!

The UBID is currently in the process of acquiring land for a future reservoir and currently there are two identified locations; adjacent to the Inland Island Highway and the McLeod Road overpass (assumed ground elevation of 130± m) and the BC Hydro Right of way and McLeod road (assumed ground elevation of 100± m).

With the proposed reservoir, the UBID will have the opportunity to develop a new pressure zone to service the lands at or above the existing McLeod Road reservoir elevation. Assuming that the future service area will extend to the Inland Highway as far as the existing Union Bay Rural Settlement Boundary up to a maximum elevation of 94 m, the proposed reservoir should have a minimum HGL of 130 m.

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