Another Failure for Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc.

Heard KIP has walked away from the section of the coal hill below with the exclamation mark consisting of 28 acres.  Map below is from iMap at the CVRD website.

All the talk – empty promises for years.  McMahon claimed KIP budgeted for the remediation.  Cost was said to be $18 Million.  So what will the plan be now?  Build a club house next to the contaminated site?

All the hillbillies celebrating the non announcement at the last UBID meeting claiming a deal had been struck with KIP for the permanent water treatment facility.  McMahon had a family emergency so he hadn’t signed the agreement yet.  Well, no surprise, he still hasn’t signed it.

This developer is not going to be constructing any homes any time in the near future as he must have both water and a sewage treatment system before he can build any homes.  I don’t believe this developer has the funds to start this project.  Like the Regional District stated – nothing has been done in twenty years since KIP took over the 800 plus acres.

This is also the piece of land which KIP claimed was holding up the installation of the water treatment facility according to the 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement.  Claimed KIP couldn’t proceed until the remediation was agreed upon.  KIP claimed he was given the go ahead in the fall of 2014 – so how come KIP is walking away after the bull from the KIP March 2016 meeting about a “prescription” for the remediation?  Just another big wind bag.

I don’t believe anything this developer states about this lousy development.

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