Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc – Still Fact Challenged in August 2016

The guy who wrote this article should have fact checked the bull he was fed by the VP of 34083 Yukon Inc before putting his name to it.  Check out the comments 🙂

Someone give the VP a hanky – alway crying the blues.  The guy who let the WIA lapse and claims a new board tried to undo agreements.  I have learned not to believe anything this guy states relating to Union Bay.

Basically the plan for Union Bay spent nearly two decades running into practically every conceivable hurdle. Politicians who initially supported the venture were voted out of office. The replacements tried to undo agreements that were already inked, leading to court battles on both a provincial and municipal level. That means in almost two decades, little has actually happened and the golf course is a long way from being completed.

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