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An Update on Kensington Island Properties and the Coal Hill Transfer – VP Claims the Province Said “Now, we have to move now”.

Want to mention the new reporter with the Record is doing a very good job of covering a complicated matter.  It’s nice to see some factual news coverage for Union Bay.  Good job Scott.

Another quote to add to the chuckle bag.  Previous posts about this incident.

The Province made him do it!

This is an email from the Regional District advising that KIP’s lawyer believed the developer was in compliance with the Master Development Agreement as of April 28, 2017.  How was KIP in compliance when mere weeks earlier violated the MDA by circumventing the local BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways office and staff who would have caught the problem?  The subdivision was submitted April 6, 2017 and approved April 26, 2017.  Right before the provincial election.


AND YET – from the Province’s Gregg Stewart P Geo, Manager Crown Contaminated Sites Program Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations May 24, 2017:


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