Imagine being a landowner and submitting a letter to the Board of Trustees requesting information related to the Union Bay Improvement District operations and receive a response which contains none of the information requested and instead is a rant defending the lack of progress.   The Chair believes all the information is on the website.  This Chair admitted a year ago he was computer illiterate and there is no reason to believe he is any the wiser.

Paranoia is running deep in old Union Bay these days.

The Chair of UBID is the only person allowed to answer correspondence these days.  The other trustees don’t have a say.  Notice the agenda for the meeting Nov. 16, 2017 has no correspondence.  That’s because they don’t allow any correspondence to go to the entire board any more and have decided certain people will not be responded to.

If that “Good day to you Sir!” sounds familiar it’s because Fez from the 70’s show was famous for it.