Union Bay Improvement District Being Run Like A Dictatorship – Or A Board of Three

The administrator is too busy to answer correspondence.  The Chair labels questions as ‘minutiae’ and instructs the Admin not to respond.  The Chair (who as far as I know is computer illiterate) has decided he will handle emails.  The Chair has changed the role of the Board and now we seem to have a dictatorship.  This appears to be his standard response when he is faced with questions he doesn’t have a clue about.

He seems to be ‘special’.  Views things like getting legal advice as trivial before promising the landowners a developer will pay all the costs for a water treatment facility and then get the Province involved and causing upheaval in the community only to find out that it couldn’t be done legally.  So from spring of 2015 until Nov. 2016 this guy tried to push an extension to a dead agreement through without any legal advice!  Who’s paying for the water treatment plant now?

This board proudly announces there will not be an increase in parcel taxes —-but we are going to have to borrow $1.5 Million.  What is the problem with raising the parcel taxes?  If the parcel taxes were raised just $10. a year we would be adding to the coffers and have to borrow less.  I have never understood the point of not raising the taxes and then after a few years we are told it is necessary to raise it $50. because they haven’t been raised in a while.  Small increases are easier to take than a large increase.  These guys want praise for putting off the inevitable.

It’s been a week since the Union Bay Improvement District meeting and still the video of the meeting is not on the UBID website.  The latest I posted the meeting videos was 12 HOURS.  In this day and age, what could possibly take a week to post on a website?  This board and admin have no interest in providing information to the electorate and appear to be circumventing the purpose of a Board by trying every tactic possible to prevent information from reaching those they represent.

The UBID website’s last landowner update is from July 2017.  The UBID website displays a total of 5 signed meeting minutes for all of 2017 and here we are in late November.  The last minutes posted for this year are from July 27, 2017.  The Admin still hasn’t figured out the Feb. and Mar. minutes and reverted them to draft to be approved at the Oct. 12, 2017 meeting but at the meeting no minutes were approved.

This board is just as bad as the pre April 2011 board who regularly kept correspondence from two of the duly elected trustees.

Do you think all five Trustees of UBID didn’t receive the legal opinion regarding Bylaw 264 from July 2017  until Oct. 12, 2017?  In my opinion, three of them received it right away (July) and two of them received it on Oct. 12, 2017 when it was being voted on at the board meeting.

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