Union Bay Improvement District Board Meeting Nov. 16, 2017

Since the Union Bay Improvement District is violating bylaw #270, I see no reason why anyone else should adhere to it.

Most of the meeting was booooooorrrrring but then Trustee Kaljur put forth a motion to send a letter to the RD requesting Union Bay receive the information and funding for a study on the pros and cons of joining the Regional District.  It was a pleasant surprise when Chair Jacques broke the tie and voted with Trustee Kaljur and Trustee Elliott.

The zinger was when Trustee Kaljur read out the email she received from Trustee Loxam.  Wow – is this how they treat Trustee Kaljur?  Would they treat a man like this?   Trustee Kaljur received this email from Trustee Loxam in response to a Union Bay Improvement District matter:

Susan I thought the full moon was over.  You are like a broken record.  The only ratepayers you represent are part of your political CULT.  You should put your efforts into pulling this community together instead of tearing it apart.  Seeing that you are so heavily involved in the ‘Protect Our Water’ group. why aren’t you and your members putting a huge amount of effort into protecting our water at Langley Lake from Timberlands logging????? It would show that you cared about the community instead of destroying our communities development for our future.

Question period is always a chance for the administrator and trustees to duck very simple questions.   The admin talks about a one time cost of the Development charges relating to the video recordings of the meetings.  When asked if this cost was for someone to make a Youtube account, the administrator refused to answer so I guess the answer is yes.   Lots of work being farmed out and you’re paying for it.

It’s apparent the administrator has no idea about videos or how they are uploaded to Youtube.  That’s my beef with this admin.  He refuses to admit he doesn’t know something.  No one expects him to know everything but he has not had any training!  A recipe for ducking and hiding and trying to deflect questions which results in an uninformed community and secrecy instead of accountability and transparency.  They all say they’ll do it and then they get elected.

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