Some Union Bay Improvement District Trustees Want to Change the Rules to Accommodate Their Agenda

This board is a real piece of work.  They huff and puff and get all excited and offended when people are brave enough to call them out on their lousy tactics.

They want to hide behind a code of conduct and yet it appears the code of conduct was breached when Loxam sent the email to Kaljur, not when Kaljur read it out:

Susan I thought the full moon was over.  You are like a broken record.  The only ratepayers you represent are part of your political CULT.  You should put your efforts into pulling this community together instead of tearing it apart.  Seeing that you are so heavily involved in the ‘Protect Our Water’ group. why aren’t you and your members putting a huge amount of effort into protecting our water at Langley Lake from Timberlands logging????? It would show that you cared about the community instead of destroying our communities development for our future.

Exactly one year ago Trustee Loxam had a late item added to the agenda at the November 2016 UBID meeting (their very first official board meeting) wanting to grant Kensington Island Properties an extension to the EXPIRED 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement.  Trustees Loxam, Bitten and Jacques voted in favour of the motion in spite of the flaws in the agreement pointed out by Trustee Elliott.  The three were adamant on the wording of the motion and refused to seek legal advice before approving the motion.

Trustee Elliott expressed concern that the item was on the agenda but the Trustees were not given a copy of the 2011 WIA for consideration.  Chair Jacques throws a copy on the table in front of Trustee Elliott.

Now here is Trustee Kaljur’s request to add a late item at the November 16, 2017 UBID meeting:

Here is Trustee Kaljur reading out her public service announcement which informed landowners of the type of response they might receive when corresponding with some of the Trustees.


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