To those fools who have supported KIP all these years believing the land behind their properties on Tappin St., would be given to them or sold for next to nothing by KIP – you were sold a bill of goods, suckers, marks, gullible etc.

Why would you think you would get something for nothing?  Why would you believe someone who has never fulfilled any of the wild promises made over the last 20 years?

That little piece of land is now officially designated as parks and trails in the revised Master Development Agreement Dec. 8, 2017.  See page 27 of the following document:

The red arrows show where the access to the parks and trails will be off of Tappin St.  Someone has constructed a fence and gate preventing access but I imagine that will have to change.

I am delighted that this area will now be parks and trails.  Something good came of all this after all.

This is just a portion of what that area looked like in 2013.  There is a lot less of the designated park and trail area 4 1/2 years later.  The lots are only 125 ft. deep.


Forget what KIP promised in July 2011 about how they were going to beautify the area near Argyle and how that was going to be developed first.  Word has it KIP is going to develop the waterfront area in between the coal hill and the log sort.