Union Bay Improvement District Bylaw 263 Meeting Procedures – Audio/Video Recording of Meetings – Now Bylaw 270

This is a subject that is very important to me, obviously.

For those 400 people who signed the petition in the fall of 2016 and presented to this board regarding joining the Regional District, this board doesn’t believe it to be valid and has chosen to completely  ignore those landowners.

This board will suspend a Union Bay Improvement District Bylaw because Bitten claims to have received 12 emails complaining about the video recordings being abused.  Get that?  If you’re a friend or a relative you will be treated differently.

This clip is from the May 18, 2017 UBID meeting.  They should be embarrassed because it’s so obvious three of the Trustees have no clue what they’re talking about.  Even after Trustees Elliott and Kaljur explain why they cannot suspend one of their own bylaws or a portion of a bylaw, they go ahead and vote on a motion that is clearly not allowed.  The ridiculous statements made about copyright is hilarious.

Here’s Bitten during the question period telling me to research and that he’s done his research – NOT!

Here’s a dilly.  Listen to the question from a landowner and Bitten’s response – it’s a side splitter.  Do they ever watch these videos?  Answers don’t have to make sense by their reasoning.  If it didn’t impact the landowners, it would really be quite comical.

We need to research this and not do something….we need to have the proper amendments to the bylaw …….. .

Enjoy this one:

Here’s what I posted after the May 2017 meeting:  https://allthingsunionbay.com/2017/05/21/union-bay-improvement-district-trustees-claim-cyber-bullying/

This is an audio clip of the June 15, 2017 meeting discussing Bylaw 263.  It is hilarious, in my opinion.

The Chair admits the board does not have the authority to suspend a bylaw or portion of a bylaw which he gladly did in spite of Trustee Elliott explaining twice that you cannot suspend a bylaw or a portion of a bylaw at the May 2017 UBID meeting.

Trustee Bitten still insists his motion was a good one and then really goes on and on about how important it is to follow the bylaws, blah blah blah, all the while wanting to breach the bloody bylaw!

The Admin states the new bylaw is just about ready and that he has consulted with the Ministry.  Has researched and found that other districts/governments don’t have this problem – well DUH.  That’s because other governments aren’t scared shitless about what they’re doing.  It’s called transparency.  Admin claims to have researched about where the videos will be available, etc.


Here’s the new bylaw presented to the Board for approval at the July 2017 Union Bay Improvement District Meeting:

This is a post from August 2017 explaining Youtube:  https://allthingsunionbay.com/2017/08/29/union-bay-improvement-district-board-and-administrator-do-not-understand-copyright-regarding-videos-of-public-meetings/

This clip is from the Oct. 12, 2017 UBID meeting.  During question period I ask where the video will be available to view as this is the first time UBID is video recording a meeting and has been researching and planning since at least May, 18, 2017.  The Admin can’t answer where the video will be posted.

This clip is from the November 16, 2017 UBID meeting.  Another chuckle.  Now a trustee is saying having the video on youtube wasn’t what he envisioned and that they haven’t had a chance to discuss it and how it all works.  Really?

Since May 18, 2017 we were told they were researching and working on a new bylaw to replace Bylaw 263, and now they claim they haven’t discussed it?  Wouldn’t the most logical step be to research what and how these videos will be viewed by the public before changing the bylaw?  NOPE.  Not these guys.  Just do whatever they want personally using the bylaws as an excuse and wasting tax payers time and money all the while claiming the Admin is too busy to answer correspondence.  This board is being run exactly like the pre April 2011 group who believed if they voted on something – it’s law.

In their effort to prevent me from accessing/copying UBID videos they have removed any option for the public to share the video of the Nov. 16, 2017 meeting and forcing anyone to visit UBID’s website to view the meeting.  On UBID’s Youtube account the Nov. meeting is not visible – that is intentional.  When the Admin was asked why the Oct. 2017 Board meeting was no longer on the UBID website, he replied that he took it down and put up the November 2017 meeting.

See?  If you have a person who does not understand how government works and why it is so important to document and to back up, back up, back up, everything is going to be a dogs breakfast.  There doesn’t seem to be a desire to ensure the public has access to as much information as possible and keep an accurate record whether it’s video, audio, or written.  This board is not being run efficiently or accurately – it’s sloppy, in my opinion.

Lastly, we have the ‘accidentally deleted’ 17 minutes from the Nov. 16, 2017 meeting that just happened to be the motion Trustee Kaljur put forth and succeeded by a vote of 3 to 2.

You’ll note Trustee Kaljur brings attention to the fact that the minutes of the Nov. 16, 2017 were in fact not approved at the Dec. 14, 2017 meeting.  The Chair asked for a motion to approve the minutes which a trustee did, then there was a seconder and then the Chair states the meetings are approved – without a vote!

You will note the Admin states he did the minutes before he transferred and accidentally deleted the 17 minutes from the video.  First of all, why is he using the video to compose the minutes instead of giving the video immediately to the webmaster to post in a timely manner?  Why did he stop using the audio recorder the previous Admin’s have always used?  If the videos were on his computer and he accidentally deleted one, why wasn’t it in the trash to recover?  If he transferred them from the sd card to his computer, wouldn’t they still be on the card?  The Admin talks about having to move all the videos as though it is a lot of work.  If the videos are in 17 minute segments as the Admin claims then that means there were a total of no more than 6 files 6 x 17 = 102 minutes = 1 hour and 42 minutes.  Anyone with a computer knows it’s no big deal to move 6 files.   My audio is 1 hour and 32 minutes.  UBID’s video is 1 hour and 14 minutes.  I don’t believe the deletion was accidental or that the file couldn’t be retrieved.

This is the new Bylaw 270.

You will note it states:

54. Public meeting of the Board will only be recorded by the Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) and posted on the Website.

That’s not what they’re doing.  They are uploading the videos to Youtube which is a video sharing website.  In the terms and conditions of Youtube you agree to:

You also hereby grant each user of the Service a non-exclusive license to access your Content through the Service, and to use, reproduce, distribute, display and perform such Content as permitted through the functionality of the Service and under these Terms of Service.

UBID has no claim over the meeting videos and cannot enforce section:

58. Recordings of board meetings are the property of UBID and my not be used for any other purposes without the expressed written consent of the UBID.

UBID is in violation of it’s own brand new bylaw which cost taxpayers time and money.

In order for UBID to abide by the bylaw, it would be very expensive.  It is extremely expensive to host your own videos.  It’s another example of these guys deciding to do something without any research or consideration.  This is a post from Oct. 24, 2017 about the cost of adhering to Bylaw 270 which would mean UBID would have to host their  own videos.

Are Union Bay landowners going to want to spend a small fortune to host their own videos just because one trustee has a problem with me accessing their videos?   https://allthingsunionbay.com/2017/10/24/union-bay-improvement-district-having-problems-abiding-by-bylaw-270/

I have done my research.




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