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Union Bay Improvement District Blatantly Violating Their Own Bylaw 270 – Check Out the Gallery Being Recorded Dec. 14, 2017

December 14, 2017 Union Bay Improvement District Meeting:

You’ll recall all the statements made by Trustee Bitten about the video recording being abused and how indignant he was about people in the gallery being video recorded and that he had received complaints.

The entire Union Bay Improvement District Dec. 14, 2017 is recording 2 women in the gallery/audience and it’s easy to identify who they are. Will Trustee Bitten throw a hissy fit when he sees who is in the video since he views it as a major violation?  The Admin moved the table with the camera on top and positioned it prior to the meeting.  Why did he pull the camera back to include the gallery?

You will note that now the Oct. and Nov. 2017 meetings are no longer available on the UBID website so you can’t go back and view those meetings.  The Union Bay Improvement District Youtube account only displays the Oct. 2017 meeting.

Again, UBID’s video is almost 4 GB!  I reduced the resolution and my file is 578.5 MB. My file is 15% the size of UBID’s.

I doubt anyone is viewing these meetings on a large screen tv which the 4 GB would be intended for.



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