More Reasons the 17 Minutes of Video Should Not Have Been Erased by Union Bay Improvement District

More info on the Improvement District not understanding what they purchased to video record UBID meetings.  From the November Meeting minutes.

They purchased a GoPro Hero 5 for $549.99 from Bestbuy along with a GoPro 3-way stand and a 128 Gb SD card total:  $884.77

Technology in the hands of those who don’t understand or have a desire to learn leads to errors by those who have not kept up.  Mistakes are made when those in charge fear admitting they are ignorant and continue making new mistakes and never learn.

There is absolutely no excuse or believable reason for erasing any footage of the Union Bay Improvement District meetings.  Look at the info below.  With a GoPro you can automatically upload to the Cloud.  This would mean the videos would be protected from being erased “accidentally” and still be on the SD card.  The webmaster could be given access and the videos could be safely uploaded to Youtube.

Another thing they don’t understand is the resolution.  Their videos are almost 5 Gb and yet they are only going to be viewed on a computer monitor.  It’s wasted time and space and I know it’s because the Admin really doesn’t understand the technology.  They purchased a 128 Gb card – huge.

Copies of the videos should be stored at the UBID office perhaps on a separate hard drive to ensure they are never erased.  Again, those of us with computers know the importance of backing up our data.  How can anyone in a government office not be concerned about documenting, keeping proper records?  If accurate records are not kept it’s because the individual doesn’t care or doesn’t understand their position.

Again, I ask, can this Admin be sent for training?

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