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2017 Another Record Breaking Year for All Things Union Bay

It’s no surprise to me.  Where can you find out what the Union Bay Improvement District is doing?  Can’t count on the limited information available on UBID’s website.  May and June 2016 minutes posted are actually the 2017 minutes.

Sent numerous emails trying to get the Feb. and March 2017 signed minutes posted but instead of correcting the error the administrator reverted both months back to ‘draft’ status and then the Chair advised me the administrator wouldn’t be responding to my correspondence the Chair viewed it as ‘minutiae’.

Facts, accuracy, recording are now ‘minutiae’.  Well, that just about says it all doesn’t it?  These details are trivial according to this board.

Proud of what you elected?

Maybe a resolution for the New Year that

you’ll be more informed instead of bobble heads?

This top heavy pro KIP board went behind the backs of the electorate and convinced the Chair to change his vote and pretty well killed the motion put forth and passed because the Chair broke the tie at the November 2017 meeting stating “There is no harm in asking for information.”  So why did the Chair do a 180?  What new information was provided that convinced him that there was harm in asking for information?

Why did these three trustees think they could do this behind the backs of the electorate (over 400) who requested the board approach the CVRD?  They think they can have these Committee of the Whole meetings and not bring the matters forward to a public board meeting.  They don’t know what they’re doing!

When trustee Elliott asked why the recommendation hadn’t been brought forward from the COW meeting the Admin responded that he hadn’t been given one.  Shouldn’t the Administrator know when there is a recommendation at a COW meeting it MUST be brought to a public board meeting?  Again, this Admin has zero government experience and there is no one training him so he is just guessing.

The Admin wanted to charge a landowner $200. for 4 hours of work for a Freedom of Information request retrieving in camera minutes from June and July of 2016 which would have taken mere minutes if he knew what he was doing.  Instead, he complained about how much time it took but them admitted he didn’t know how to handle FOI requests and contacts the FOI office for direction on each request.  The last correspondence he was claiming it was a total of 8 hours!  So, why was he trying to charge the landowner for his incompetence and/or training?

This board hired an Administrator with zero government experience, who has changed his title to CAO, been given a pay raise, is too busy to answer correspondence but can be away from the office for 3 weeks.

This board hired an Administrator when the board themselves didn’t have a clue what the position required and therefore have no idea at this time if he is capable.  I’d like to see him be as efficient and as courteous as Administrator Kevin always was before this Admin bestows a new title.  In my opinion, he’s more like an Admin assistant than an Administrator – forget the CAO crap.  Looks like a plan to pad his resume before the errors start costing landowners money.

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