It Gets Worse – Not only is there no Video of UBID’s Jan. 18, 2018 Meeting – The Admin didn’t record any Audio – Should be Interesting Minutes!

So, not only is there no video recording of Jan. 18, 2018 meeting – there isn’t an audio recording either!  This is ridiculous especially since this very thing was mentioned at the Dec. 14, 2017 meeting when the discussion of the ‘accidentally deleted’ 17 crucial minutes from the Nov. 2017 UBID meeting.

Listen to a landowner ask about making sure there is an audio recording of future meetings and Chair Jacques confirms it would be a backup.  Did they act – NO!

A fellow landowner received the following from the Admin at UBID (I added emphasis).  How is the Admin composing minutes to the Jan. 18, 2018 UBID meeting with no recording?  The Admin never takes notes at these meetings.

On 5-Feb-18, at 1:37 PM, UBID Admin wrote:
There is no audio or video of the meeting.
Gordon Mason AScT, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer
This clip is from May 18, 2017.  Listen to Jacques and Bitten claim all the meetings are audio recorded and available to the public.  Ha ha.

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