The Admin for Graham Lake Improvement District Isn’t Afraid of Information: Denman Island Water Local Service Area – Conversion Study

$10,000.00 – Money for study regarding possible conversion.  Our green Admin who can’t successfully record every monthly meeting, failed to research bylaw 270, failed to accurately record minutes of monthly meetings, failed to keep the electorate informed by way of the UBID website – is going to decide whether Union Bay landowners have access to information?

At the January 18, 2018 UBID Meeting (which the Admin failed to video or audio record), Trustee Bitten chimed in at one point and stated that UBID would hire their own consultants.  Really?  He wants landowners to pay for consultants when there are funds available?  Something stinks in Union Bay!


Report dated February 1, 2018 seeking approval for the allocation of feasibility study and Community Works Funds for studies regarding the possible conversion of the Graham Lake Improvement District to a CVRD service and a water treatment options study, for receipt. [Item]

208 All 1 person/1 vote

Recommendation # 1:

THAT up to $10,000 of Baynes Sound – Denman/Hornby Islands (Electoral Area A) feasibility study funds, function 154, be allocated for the completion of a comparative study to assess governance options and associated costs related to conversion of the Graham Lake Improvement District to a Comox Valley Regional District service.

AND FINALLY THAT an application be made to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for restructure implementation grant in the amount of $10,000 to help fund the conversion process.

207 All 1 person/1 vote


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