Union Bay Improvement District Gong Show Returns for Another Season

This clip is from the All Candidates meeting in April 2017.  It clearly displays the ignorance of Trustee Rick Bitten.  Listen to him talk about how they’ve (who?) researched and he provides absolute falsehoods to the landowners.  Luckily our MLA Scott Fraser also attended the meeting and provided information as to the process of joining the Regional District.  Who are you going to believe… Rick Bitten or Scott Fraser?  The thing that is mind boggling is that Bitten is still spewing the same false information.   These tools refuse to allow any new information to penetrate their thick skulls.   What is terrifying is what they term “research” in their decisions.

Trustee Bitten needs to go to anger management!  What’s he going to do next – bang his shoe on the table?  According to Bitten the Admin used an illegal recording of the Jan. 18, 2018 meeting to compose the minutes.  Bitten seems to be really pissed off about this instead of being thankful there was any recording.  What the hell would the Admin have used to compose those minutes if there wasn’t a recording?  Certainly doesn’t take ANY notes during the meetings.

There was quite a good turnout for the gong show this evening and landowners are getting fed up with the bullshit they’re being forced to swallow.  A good indicator was how the Chair handled the meeting.  Notice Bitten speaks whenever the mood strikes him and yet Jacques refused to allow Trustee Kaljur to speak when she requested and then immediately allowed a question from Trustee Elliott.  WTF?

It was a wild one and at the end of the meeting Trustee Loxam’s wife thought I should respond to her questions even when I told her I didn’t want to talk to her and then advised that I don’t talk to stupid people.  She then asked why I talked to Walter (who was standing beside me) and then pointed to Janet Thomas and asked why I talk to her.

I had to yell at her to fuck off and that I didn’t want to talk to her – even then she was in my face.  This is the same person who responded to Union Bay Improvement District correspondence by telling the writer not to send any more emails as they would be deleted as the original was.  Who the fuck elected her?  If I pulled this crap – they’d be calling the police.

There is no hiding these idiots don’t have a clue what they’re doing.



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