Union Bay Improvement District Trustee Ensures A Gong Show

The one Trustee who just can’t keep his mouth shut during meetings.  Loves to hear his own voice and is an expert on everything.

Here’s a reminder to him of what he stated when he butted in at the Nov. 13, 2016 meeting.  The Chair has never told him to shut up so he continues over a year later.  Instead the Chair thanks him for his support.  Clowns.

This 3 minute clip is from the 8 times this trustee spoke without being recognized by the chair at the Feb. 18, 2018 meeting.  Every other trustee requests to be recognized but not Mr. Knowitall.  Seems to have a problem controlling his temper.  When’s the last meeting you attended where someone is throwing a hissy fit banging the table because he’s not getting his way?  Only in Union Bay folks!

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