Union Bay Improvement District Admin’s Alternative Facts

At the meeting last night Trustee Kaljur questioned the difference in the figures from what was originally published and distributed to the public.  Thought the Admin was going to stomp his feet in frustration.  This guy can’t handle any questions.  His automatic answer is “I’m not going to argue with you” and “I’ve given you the answer”.

So during question period I asked why the costs were absent from Mar. 3 until Mar. 12 with no indication of the previous error.  The reason the board is holding Open Houses and publishing notices in the paper is so that they can say the landowners have been advised of all aspects of the project and then don’t need to hold a referendum or Alternative Approval Process.  When asked how can they claim they informed the public when the figures were incorrect and then new figures were not posted until Mar. 12, 2018, the Admin claimed he posted the correct figures immediately – this is absolutely false and I can prove it.  I saved screenshots showing the figures were not present.  The screenshots are at the end of the post and include the Admin’s email from Mar. 12 when the new figures were posted.

The Admin posted the following costs on the UBID website late Feb. 2018.  These figures were also what was presented at the Open Houses Mar. 1 and 3, 2018.  After arguing with a gentleman Mar. 3 and insisting his figures were correct – the costs were removed from the UBID website Mar. 3, 2018.

This screenshot taken Mar. 3, 2018 showing only 7 pdf files – the Estimated Costs pdf is no longer available.

This screenshot taken Mar. 4, still no costs: 

This screenshot taken Mar. 5, still no costs:

Screenshot taken Mar. 6, no costs:

Screenshot taken Mar. 7, still no costs:

Screenshot taken Mar. 8, no costs:

This Admin has made the mistake of assuming everyone is stupid and not paying attention.  The Admin only published the new figures Mar. 12 which is displayed by the email he sent out to landowners who have signed up for notifications.   We are not being told the truth.

Now we have gone from 20 years to 25 years at a higher interest rate.  Went from 3.34% to 3.45%.  Went from borrowing $2 Million to borrowing $3 Million.

How come these guys didn’t get an interest free loan from KIP?  Isn’t that what they campaigned on?

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  1. My oh my, what a web we weave when we practise to deceive, truth is a builder and lies are the wrecking balls….credibility and humility are the bricks and mortar for a good foundation Sad to say sorely missing by some on this board


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