Are Union Bay Improvement District Trustees having secret meetings excluding 2 Trustees – just like pre April 2011?

History is repeating – listen to this Point of Order by Trustee Kaljur who questions where the municipality issue originated since the board never gave the Admin any authority to pursue information regarding municipality status along with information about joining the CVRD.  The only way this could have developed is if the pro KIP trustees met with the Admin and made the decision.  There is no other logical answer.

This comes right out of the David Godfrey (past trustee) playbook.  This is exactly what he, Royer and de Jerkey did when they kept the negotiations with KIP secret until they were provided with a draft in March 2011.  By the way, the Chair’s wife was so upset because I said “jesus christ” – too bad she didn’t hear Godfrey call me a bitch as he sat behind me.  Since Godfrey has been identified as a KIP spokesperson – is he getting paid by slick to represent KIP’s interest at these meetings?

Trustee Kaljur asks how can the January 2018 Agenda for the January 18, 2018 meeting contain information about another option – becoming a municipality – when the board had never discussed it.  Remember the Dec. 14, 2017 meeting where the chair refused to discuss the fact the boar3d (tried to kill the motion passed at the Nov. 2017) decided against sending a letter to the CVRD regarding conversion because it wasn’t on the Agenda?  The Chair stated it would be on the January meeting and low and behold – the opposite of what had been passed and all done in secret without Trustees Elliott and Kaljur being part of the decision.

This board is being run by only 3 trustees and the Admin.  Two trustees are not receiving all correspondence from the Admin.  People should be concerned as democracy has once again been taken away by a Union Bay Improvement District Board.  Just like it was prior to April 2011 with the board that just about bankrupted the community and locked out the electorate because they couldn’t face the community.

5.  New or Other Business

  • The letter to the CVRD regarding conversion (Trustee Bitten)


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