This is Mr. Knowitall interrupting the Nov. 2016 so he could shoot off his mouth and the bullying of the only female trustee began.

Here’s Mr. Knowitall again interrupting a total of 9 times in one meeting – Feb. 15, 2018.  The last interruption is when Mr. Knowitall loses it and bangs the table – oooooh, we’re all shaking in our boots aren’t we?  This guy provides comic relief! Ha Ha.

If you want a good chuckle – Mr. Knowitall claimed at the Mar. 3, 2018 UBID Open House that he can’t sleep at night and gets threatening emails – more bullshit.  If this overly sensitive trustee received even one nasty email – he would be calling the police.  Trying to portray himself as a martyr for the community.  What a joke.