Ted is consistent.  Tonight Ted insisted the difference between being a municipality and joining the CVRD is that a municipality gets to keep all the money brought in and the CVRD would distribute Union Bay funds throughout the CVRD.  A landowner questioned him on this and old Ted isn’t changing his mind.

Add this to all the other misinformation Ted likes to distribute.  Ted’s memory of the last UBID meeting seems a little flawed.  He thinks the trustee was ‘grandstanding’ and that the Admin didn’t have to answer a question posed by a trustee.  You have to understand Ted was under the impression there was only one question asked and that it was poorly worded leading to the Admin’s frustration.  The first question was regarding a $60,000. surplus which had been predicted in 2017, and the trustee was asking where that $60,000. surplus was in the financial statements in the Admin’s report.  That’s when the Admin displayed insubordination by refusing to answer a financial question at a public board meeting.

Even when corrected, good old Ted answered with the following: “He was grandstanding.  I can’t help it.  That’s exactly what he was doing. You answered your own question.”  See?  Do you want to add a fourth trustee who can’t honestly and accurately answer ANY questions?

Some short audio clips.

Incumbent Trustee Jim Elliott’s opening statement:

Candidate Ted Haraldson’s opening statement:

Municipality question from 3 landowners:

Question:  should the Admin be required to answer trustee questions at a public meeting?

Question:  Do you support development?

Question:  What are the differences in the candidates platforms?

Question:  What do you think we should do to protect our water source?