Union Bay Improvement District Candidate Ted Haraldson’s crackpot claims – is this a joke?

I’m starting to feel sorry for Ted.  Who goes around intentionally spreading false information right after being advised of the facts?

Is Ted capable of retaining new information?  How can he make these crazy claims about municipality status after he was corrected at the All Candidates Meeting just last week?  Is Ted capable of the simple act of checking to ensure what he is claiming is in fact true?

Ted starts out by saying we should all work together to make this community the best it can be and then jumps right into targeting six people who write letters stating their opinions.  News flash Ted – that’s democracy.  I hope I’m one of the six!  Who knew six people had so much power.

UBID is a joke and dysfunctional – you don’t have to believe me – just look at the videos of the meetings.

I can never understand the belief that there should be jobs available for the offspring of those who live here.  What kind of a control freak has already planned for their offspring’s future.  Maybe your children will opt to live somewhere else.  How many reading this were born and raised here?  It’s a ridiculous statement.  We need jobs but not because you have gone forth and multiplied.

Ted wrongly states:  “…joining the CVRD would mean our additional CEC credits (connection fees) created by our new development would NOT stay within our community.  Becoming a Municipality would mean we would keep them.”  Completely false!  The CEC’s are collected and would be retained for projects within Union Bay no matter who is governing us.  The funds for each area governed by the CVRD are kept within that area and to suggest anything different is just stupid.

Maybe his flyer went to print before he found out what he has been spewing about CEC funds is totally false.

Ted says we should all be informed even though he isn’t.

I love the first two sentences of the last paragraph.  Did you choke on those words, Ted?  “We must ask questions and demand answers”.  Didn’t Ted claim the Admin shouldn’t be required to answer questions from an elected trustee at a public meeting?  So we should demand answers but it’s okay if the board or the Admin refuses to answer?

This is how Ted remembers the incident of insubordination by the Admin at the Mar. 22, 2018 UBID meeting:

This is the reality.  A Trustee respectfully asking a question regarding financial statements – not demanding – look how he’s treated.  Notice the Chair busily looking through papers acting as though the Admin isn’t being insubordinate to an elected Trustee.  This Admin should be fired.

This board is dysfunctional because it is being run by three trustees with the assistance of the Admin.  This Elected Board is not being run by the rules governing Improvement Districts.  You can claim it’s not dysfunctional but all the evidence points to sleazy tactics behind the ratepayers backs.


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