Union Bay Improvement District Executive Meeting tonight at 7 pm UBID office – try keeping us out!

This board tried to use Committee of the Whole meetings in order to make decisions they can’t justify openly to the ratepayers.  A landowner kept showing up for these meetings and rightly insisting the only portion of a meeting that the public can be excluded from is ‘in camera’ meetings after a motion is brought forward at a public meeting stating what the subject is that requires ‘in camera’ discussion.

Since the above tactic didn’t work, the board is now planning on ‘Executive Meetings’ which are closed to the public.  This is simply not allowed.  We know from the last time the Ombudsperson’s Office confirmed the board must allow the public access unless the matter is ‘in camera’.

In fact, the Carol Molstad board introduced a Meetings Procedure Bylaw which pleased the investigator at the Ombudsperson’s Office as it resolved the complaint.  That bylaw was updated in early 2016 when we had intelligent trustees and Administrator who actually read and knew their roles, limitations, and obligations.

I spoke with the Ombudsperson’s Office this morning to ensure they are aware of the situation.  The Ombudsperson’s Office has the history of the board prior to Apr. 2011 when the board locked out the electorate.

I plan on attending and hope others will too.

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