Why are Union Bay landowners celebrating paying up to $5.5 Million for a water treatment facility KIP always promised to pay for?

People have short memories.  UBID, KIP and the Ministry are all touting the progress of the water filtration facility for Union Bay.  Since all the landowners are paying for the facility, why did it take so long?  The boards up until April 2011 put off any decisions because they believed KIP would be providing the much needed water treatment facility at no cost to the landowners.

Weeks before that board was turfed in April 2011, they signed the 2011 Water Infrastructure with KIP announcing a $1.7 Million dollar gift to the community.  KIP asked for an extension in Oct. 2014 with the deadline of Dec. 2014 for the agreement to expire.  Up until that point, KIP never provided any of the stipulations in the agreement regarding plans/reports/etc., only an informal request for an extension.

In 2015, David Godfrey, Peter Jacques and others circulated a petition demanding the then board grant an extension to the expired agreement.  David Godfrey was one of the negotiators of the 2011 WIA and finally admitted the $1.7 Million dollars was in fact not a gift, it was an interest free loan.  The petition had a signature for landowners stating they did not support paying for a water treatment system.

So what is there to celebrate?  This board didn’t even get us an interest free loan.  We’re footing the bill thanks to the very people who took a petition around because they didn’t want to pay for the facility.  What did they get in their negotiations?  The fire hall land wasn’t any accomplishment – it’s in the MDA.

KIP promised millions and our board negotiated 4 acres – YAY!

Salesman Slick really played Union Bay landowners and has the board to prove it.

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