Union Bay Improvement District Chair oblivious to his part in the Union Bay Gong Show

It’s hard to keep track of all the problems facing this improvement district.  Every meeting is a disaster because rules and regulations in place are just completely ignored and rulings are handed out willy nilly with nothing to support the decision.  To listen to the Chair read out the letter from the Ministry just leaves me shaking my head.  Does he pay any attention to the words and their meaning?

The Chair thinks he’s doing a great job and there is no indication he thinks he might be contributing to the problem.  The letter from the Ministry is very specific about their recommendations and yet there has been zero change or even talk about making productive changes.

Instead, they want to lock us out because they can’t face the public and want to work in secrecy.

NOTE:  the date on the following letter is a typo – it should be January 9, 2018, as reference is made to a visit in January 26, 2017.  

This letter was not disclosed to the public until Mar. 22, 2018 and yet it was composed January 9, 2018.  Why did it take 2 months?




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